Tailleferre, Auric, Durey – Works for piano

PALADINO (Januar 2020)​

A journey of discovery on the piano, “Three from Six” is the undervalued work of “Group of Six”. The music from Germaine Tailleferre, Georges Auric, and Louis Durey is very sensitively elegant and discreetly melancholy, between newly created classical and blues styles. Biliana Tzinlikova presents these fine pieces on her new CD with playful independence and exquisite empathy. Absolutely worth a listen!


Farrenc – Variations for piano

PALADINO (Januar 2018)​

Biliana Tzinlikova, the pianist for the extraordinary, interprets pieces by Louise Farrenc, the genius composer of the 19th century. Precious music from the classical spirit with the romantic feeling and the fine esprit of France. First recordings allow encounters with the great art of entertaining variation, which Madame Farrenc mastered perfectly.


Heller: Variations for piano

PALADINO (Februar 2016)​

„Throughout the recital the pianist, Biliana Tzinlikova, proves herself up to the many challenges which this music asks of its performer: an ability to handle a variety of difficulties including rapid scales, arpeggios galore, octaves, and the like; a keen sense of detail work with regard to articulation, dynamics, and pacing; and an overall sense of the nature of Heller’s ideas on what poetry and music should offer: elegance, clarity, and beauty. These traits Tzinlikova brings in spades and the results show. So, for those interested in 19th-century fare outside of (or perhaps better, in addition to) the standard Chopin, Schumann, Liszt, Mendelssohn, and Brahms, then Heller will surely be welcome in your collection!“
The article, written by Scott Noriega, originally appeared in Issue 40:1 (Sept/Oct 2016) of Fanfare Magazine.


Hoffmeister: Sonatas for piano 3

GRAND PIANO (Oktober 2015)

Myron Silberstein
Fanfare, March 2016
Biliana Tzinlikova is an excellent advocate for Hoffmeister’s music. Her playing captures the energy and sparkle of Hoffmeister’s style, and she has a winning combination of an agile technique and a warm, singing tone.
This recording, and Tzinlikova’s entire Hoffmeister series, is a delight through and through.
© 2016 Fanfare


Hoffmeister: Sonatas for piano 2

GRAND PIANO (Mai 2015)

The five shorter tracks, which are collected in the second CD, are purely charming to the careful listener. Everything is brought to life nobly by Biliana Tzinlikova’s delightful and stellar playing. An enriching experience not only for listeners that think they know everything already.
© 2015 DrehPunktKultur


Hoffmeister: Sonatas for piano 1

GRAND PIANO (Oktober2014)

How practical is it really, when a composer is also her own music publisher. Many present day composers have recently recognized that you can do quite well by managing your own publications if the workload remains clear. The Mozart and Beethoven contemporary Franz Anton Hoffmeister published not only the most significant publications of the Viennese classics, but also composed 42 string quartets, 70 symphonies and a number of tremendously charming piano sonatas. The works from the early 1790s recorded here by Biliana Tzinlikova are very close in style to Haydn and Mozart. Especially the Sonata in A Major from 1790, which is rich in virtuosic runs, clean and well constructed in formal style, not to difficult, but also not absent of musical ambition. Tzinlikova demonstrates crystal clear phrasing and stunning accuracy. She fits the often-superimposed pianissimo passages tenderly into the periphery of the sound. The Bulgarian pianist and teacher at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg is well aware of how audible and predictable the course of Hoffmeister’s sonatas can often be. She confronts the piece with a rich expressive range, many dynamic nuances, and clever caesurae. You are truly carried away by the flood of runs in the peripheral movements.
© 2015 Piano News